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General questions about Hammerstein


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Hi all...very glad to hear it was a great show and you all had a great time.

I'm going Sunday and Wednesday night and had a few questions about the Hammerstein and was hoping you could help. I'm sure you're all tired, but any help would be appreciated.

1. How was the General Admission, was it caos? One night I have floor and one night I have mezzanine. In your opinion, which is better?

2. Can you smoke there and do they sell alcohol?

3. How strict are they on cameras?

4. What time should I get there to get a good spot, or does it not really matter?

5. Tickets say no readmission, if I go late to miss the warmup will they still let us in?

6. What time did GNR go on stage and what time did it all end?


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1) GA didnt seem that bad,,up front there was some pushing Crowd Surfing, a small mosh pit in the middle, but it wasnt a crazy General Admission floor like some bands have

1A) MEZZANINE SUCKS!!! I had seats in the first Mezzanine, they are horrible, if you arent in the first few rows the view is partially obstructed by polls/speakers/people/overhang also the crowd sucks up there, I was going crazy during some songs and I was like the only one, people were probably looking at me like I was nuts,,, and the sounds up there also STINKS,, I would either reccomend getting really early, and trying to get a front row, or trading it for a floor

1B) The only thing I hear is that GA stinks if you are not that tall, I can actually attest to this as I remember seeing Robert Plant on the floor there several years ago and I had trouble seeing in front of the 6 foot + guys in front of me,, however with Guns unlike Plant you can always push/move your way around to get a better spot...If I had my choice, I would get there really early to secure a really good Mezzanine Seat, otherwise floor is better

2) Legally you probably cant smoke, but I saw people smoking all around, and yea they sell alcohol(at least Beer)

3) If they find a Camera on you, they will take it away, they are EXTREMLY strict on it, unless you have a camera in your cell, I would say leave the camera home

4) I got there around 7:30, there was the most unbelievable line stretching out about 1/4 a mile I dont understand why it was so long, for a good spot based on what I saw, I would recommend getting there before 5

5) Readmission means you cant leave and come back, even if you get there during Guns set, you can still go in, you just cant leave

6) GNR went on about 10:45 esh and went off stage about 1:10esh...

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