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When do you think we'll hear good quality bootlegs?

Guest JohnUlmer

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Guest JohnUlmer

Sorry, don't mean to make a dumb thread but I was wondering what everyone's "guess"timates are as to when we might hear a proper bootleg. Anyone remember how long it took back in '02? And do you think Axl - since he seems to be aiming to please the fans more with everything so far - may allow soundboards to be put online?

What are your thoughts?

I wasn't here in 2002, no clue how long they took to get online after the shows, but I'm assuming we'll hear something by tomorrow night...? :unsure:

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Erm... Good question.... I cant remember.... a few days i think... Obviously some came out faster than others... Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. So I think all we can do is wait. (Assuming someone has a good quality boot :unsure: )

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