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Dad takin 16 yr old son to rock hard at gnr!!!

biz n sons

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I'm 16, I actually got into Guns N' Roses because my older brother and my dad were fans, no I am the most die-hard fan in the family, going to the Nijmegen concert with a couple of friends
I'm 16 almost 17, and i'm also going to the Nijmegen concert!

LOL looks like Axl going to feel like a grandpa there :D

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Just a friendly reminder to everybody that's going to the concerts - If you plan to meet up with new members from the forum, always try to do so in a public place -- such as Mustang Harry's, where a lot of forum members will be meeting up. Never agree to meet somebody you've never met by yourself in another location. It's just not smart.

Here's a thread where people are talking about meeting up:


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