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So listen, There sources in the article were people and bands from the Sunset Strip, First of all this is huge Joke! I live and grew up in L.A., Nobody gives a shit what anyone from the sunset clubs thinks. Sunset strip isn't the same as it was back then, The bands playing the Whiskey Suck these days and would be shining shoes for the Real Artists. They aren't even in the same league or anywhere close, Period! Off subject, Better is a pretty dope song.

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"He really lost it for himself," she said. "The other guys were taking other projects and keeping themselves visible in the industry, where Axl just became a recluse.

And then when he does return it's with songs that were created by another band nearly 20 years ago.

Unfortunately I think this negative article is just the first of many. :(

We really needed a new album and a tour to support it.

Oh well, I still hope Axl can get through this tour. Maybe if it's a success he'll be more willing to release Chinese Democracy.

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