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Will-Call: Has Anyone used this method


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Someone on my board has asked about will-call, I was wondering if anyone used this method and could tell me if they need to go inside first and get the tickets, or basically where is the will-call window and do you get the tickets and then get online or get on line first.

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They won't let you pick them up ahead of time. It's weird that way. For normal shows, you can cut to the front and pick them up first -- but for some strange reason, they're not allowing people to do that this time.

So, basically, you have to line up, and when you get to the front, you just go to the Will Call window and pick up your tickets.

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I used it last night, it sucked. There was one girl at the window and she couldnt seem to find anyone's tickets in front of me. I was getting really antsy, I need to go secure a good spot, but nooo, I was standing at the will call window while people were filing in past me :(

They should allow people to get their tickets ahead of time like everywhere else in the world. Grr

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Friday night I had will call and the line was slow due to the small dimensions and location of the box office, its more or less a moving line that runs out the building. The line next to it is for ticketholders and moves fast. Last night I had tickets and will call was actually moving faster at one point. It's funny because the security last night was much tighter than on friday - i got patted down etc.

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