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May 14th concert experience.

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Well I live in columbus Oh. and drove 9 hours to get to the concert. Which was kind of fun i guess maybe some what adventurous. I know I almost never post here but thought i should share my experience. We get there and we instantly start waiting in line and it was like 2 hours till we got in. It definitly payed off because i was like only 5 feet of the stage the whole time. I have a 2 magapixel camera phone and have some good pictures, and a couple of videos.

Well as you can tell from what everyone was saying it was one of the most kick ass concerts ive ever been too. Actually it was the best concert i have been to. Axl sounded perfect much better than in 02 when i saw them in columbus. He was just spot on and looked really happy the whole time. He had some pretty good rants such as how long bumblefoot had to learn the material axl said 2 weeks. Maybe someone can clear this up for me he said something about the cd and how we had more patience than some one i couldnt make out who though. The crowd went dead silent when axl brought up chinese democracy it was crazy. He also talking about getting in a fight with Tommy Stinson last tuesday. He also said that we were much louder than friday and that he couldnt even hear himself . Thats why i think his vocals were screwed up on some of the songs.

The Concert was everything i could have hopeed for and they played rocket queen one of my personal favorites. Axl just had an aura he was really into the concert and just made the crowd love it that much more. On a side note i was on the side where axl went back satge and when he came out to sing s.c.o.m. he was eating something and didnt completly swallow it before he sang it was sort of funny but really had no effect on the song It only affected maybe the first few words.

Well the concert ends and i say my cousin im feeling lucky and we walk behind venue and about 5 minutes later bumble foot walks out and there were only like 20 people back there. He came to our side first because his wife was standing with us waiting for him. I talked to him for at least 15 min and asked some questions and he answered them all. Of course i asked him about the the cd and its release date and he said he doesnt know alot about the cd and that he isnt even on it. So then i ask who is on it and he says Buckethead is on the cd still and all the parts are still buckets. I couldnt believe it it real info on the cd. he then went on said how great of guy Buckethead was and that is really fun to talk to and said its crazy how much of aN actor he is on stage and then also said axl had no problem with bucket he was just really disapointed that he lft the way he did. I then asked him when he actually joined the band how long he had to learn everything. he said its been a contract dispute for the last 2 years because of all the internet stuff about him promoting himself with trying out for gnr. His wife then chimed in and said it was all lies and that the internet is just full of rumors and lies. She was as nice as could be and they looked rerally happy together. Bumblefoot then signed my ticket and took a picture with my cousin and then went onto talk to other people waiting outside. Then sebastian bach came out and went the other way signed some autographs and i went over as he was signing one and was asked by the guys he just signed to sign another item and he looked him in the eyes and said i dont feel like it and got in a cab and left. He looked drunk by the way. Then about 10 minutes later axl came out instantly jumped in a car and left he didnt even acknowledge that peopel were there. Then about 54 mins later Richard Fortus, Robin Finck, and Dizzy came out and i got all of their autographs. I told Robin I liked the new look and he said thank you and he is really soft spoken. Then i taled to Richard and he was just really down to earth and a cool guy he said thank you alot and seemed really happy that we were tyhere to see him. Then i talked to dizzy and he is a trip, he was mr. proffesional rock star ans signed autographs and cracked a couple of jokes. he was a really cool guy.

By far i spoke with Bumblefoot the most and had a great time. On a side note it was kind of wierd but axl left in his own car and bumblefoot had his own car but dizzy,richard,and robin rode in a big van together I just thought it was weird that Bumblefoot had his own car. I did not meet tommy,brain, pittman, they left some other way. I really wanted to meet tommy. This was by far the greatest night of my life and and i will never forget it.

If anyone has any questions for me just ask and i will answer. I will post some pics and the 2 videos that i have. Just give me a little bit of time to get them on my computer. rock1.gif

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