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Best mobilephone or camera with video options


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I guess mobilephones is legal at every show. I also see that cameras is legal on some of the festivals.

Blitz and using your mobilephone or camera for video is illegal most places.

But who cares.., so what producent has made the best video mobilephone and camera with video?

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I find from my technical know how that even the newest camera/3 g/ 2 mega pix cams are all shit unless your stood dead still. these always pick up the slightest movement but if your in the middle of a g'n'r crowd feel free to try and stand still :rolleyes:

As for capturing audio via a portabable Mp3/I-Pod or mobile....well just listen to the 1st hammer bootlegs....need i say more LOL :rofl-lol::rofl-lol::rofl-lol:

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The Samsung D600 is very good, especially for making movies, some Sony-ericssons are good too, but like jimmy^^^ said mobile phones are not good enough for making decent bootlegs but the aforementioned phones are good enough to remember the concert :)

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