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Rowdy on the floor?

GNR Rocks35

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I went Sunday night and was wondering the same thing before I got there....

The theatre was a nice surprise. It was a lot nicer than I thought it would be and its great because its not that big so anywhere you stand you get a good view.

The crowd wasn't rowdy at all. Everybody was singing and in a great mood....just a bunch of diehard GNR fans of all ages, grateful for the comeback. Every crowd has exceptions though, I did see one slob puke all over the floor and it hit some poor guys leg. My boyfriend told security hoping they'd throw him out, but nobody did. I saw him dancing around later bumping into people. Some big guys just shoved him back and forth (it was a pretty funny sideshow, the guy was annoying and he deserved it)

Don't wear a sweater or coat, it gets really warm in there and theres no where to hang it. If you're a girl, wear a waist pack instead of a pocketbook and comfortable shoes....its a lot of standing. If you want to drink, bring your license. They won't serve you without it. If you don't want to see the warmup, go around 10:00. Axl comes on at 10:30-11:00. I don't know why people get on line so early, theres no reason to. Really, anywhere you are in the theatre is great.

Hope this helped. You'll probably never see them play in a small place like this again, so enjoy it!! I'm going again on Wednesday, but mezzanine 2 this time.

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There was much more moshing last night than there was sunday(none?). also a fight around 10pm... security cleared it up though... im suprised how quiet the crowd has been in the middle of better... they all just kinda sit there stunned. Not many seemed to know the leakes either... in the mezz atleast...

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