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What'll Axl have to say about Check Mate tomorrow?


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What do you guys think? Does he aknowledge it? We know he keeps up to date on the rumors/leaks/etc....

IF, and I mean IF, it is confirmed as truely a new Guns n Roses song, it seems to me that Axl will at least mention something at tomorrow nights show.

This would really show how thick his skin is these days.....with this being the first time we as fans have had access to him immediately following the release of leaked material.

I'm looking forward to seeing his reaction!

By the way, I know we've only heard 19 seconds or so, but it sounds like it rocks!

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the best thing would be if axl will perform that song this night :)

maybe every leaked song means a live performance :drevil: yeah, i know citr hasn't been played live yet, but axl said it could appear on cd2. if check mate is on cd1 there is a possibility that they will play it in the next shows

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