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Guest Jack_the_ripper

so there's this band I discovered a few months ago through a tv show, they are called Jack's mannequin, it is Andrew McMahon's solo project, Andrew is the Lead singer of Something Corporate. Anyways, in the last year Andrew has been battling with a type of Lukemia, he had some sort of transplant from his sister and he is better now, and is actually able to tour.

Many people that have heard the album Everything In Transit believe it is one of the greatest albums ever recorded, Featuring some very catchy tunes, and an absolutly beautiful blend of piano and guitar, I personally believe this album is a must buy.


click here for Jack's mannequin pure volume page to hear a few of their tunes.

I believe it's a band that needs to be discovered more, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the band and songs you will hear.

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From what I've heard I like it. I gave him a listen awhile ago but forgot about this, thanks for reminding me!

Did you notice at the bottom it says this.. of the purevolume page i mean

...acute leukemia in JUNE 2006...

Kinda funny.. not to poke fun at cancer just the date.

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Guest Jack_the_ripper

lol yes I just noticed that now, probably a typo, they found out he had leukemia shortly after he finished the record.


Oh and here's a little trivia for you:

Tommy Lee Lent his legendary drumming skills to several songs on the album.

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