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My band PRITHVI doing a GnR Medley..Please do check it out

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I've only watched the gn'r medley... Here's what i thought:

-The bass player is playing the wrong note at like 32secs on the wttj intro... right before the main riff starts... anyway, hes pretty good!

-i think madagascar would sound better if you speeded up the tempo a bit

-the singer is kinda off key in the first screams on madagascar... however, he nails the last ones perfectly... sounds a lot like 2002 axl to me

-the singer holding the last note with his voice on paradise city before breaking into the outro is pretty impressive... he holds it for like 14 seconds!

-he's a pretty awesome guitarist aswell

-you've got your own dizzy reed on the band! a rockin' headbanging keyboardist :D

Overall it sounds pretty damn good! rock3 What do you play?

EDIT: crap, i somehow managed to post this while i was still writing it :xmassrudolph:

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