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Thanks Everyone


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Now that all these warm up shows are finally over, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has been updating us, recording these shows, taking pics, the reviews, and just everyone that has kept us up to date with everything that has been going on with these warm up shows.

Alot of us werent able to go to these shows but thanks to everyone of you we were able to enjoy this experience with you, and it has been really cool.

Just sit back and realise what we have just went through. It has happened really fast but it actually DID happen. All the waiting and wondering if Axl was going to show up, if all the shows were going to happen, if any new songs were going to be played, its been quite stressful lol...but it did happen and im still trying to take it all in. Axl made it, the band kicked ass, and now they are off to begin there world tour, and hopefully get their asses back to the states and do the tour here :P

This has been a great week for GNR fans, and a great year so far, and I hope it continues and we get a new album.

Thanks again to everyone that helped us share in this experience, its much appreciated.

And please dont delete or move this thread, I want everyone to see that we appreciate everything, thanks

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