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Floyd Rose

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eddie van halen did too

i perfer a bigsby vibrato to a wimpy assed tremolo any day

no way, i like the floyd rose once its in tune it stays there for a long time even with some whammy abuse

then you don't know the satisfaction i get at the end of a concert ending with crazy train, and then taking a fist and just hammering on a bigsby

it took me weeks to get the right gauge strings and to get just the right amount of force

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Actually you can have a locking nut and not a floyd. I've got a standard vintage Fender tremelo on my strat but a behind the nut lock on it. I like that just fine, btw Randy Rhoads used a 6 point fender type trem on his custom Jacksons. Or you could go the Jake E. Lee route and use your tuning pegs and neck bends rather than any trem. So many different ways to get the exact same sound.

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