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Rolling with the Oldies

nd kid

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Do you belive that Axl is playing the "Oldies" as he says to make people happy or because he really likes the songs. I am sure he likes the older songs, since he wrote most of them, but wants to get the new ones heard, especcially since they have been leaked. What do you all think.

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probably both. I don't see the big deal, alot of artist play old songs while doing a concert aswell as the new ones.

Axl knows how business work!

How many would go to a GnR show if:

1) The only original member is Axl himself, a good part of it but remember...it was Guns n' Roses not only Roses ...

2) They won't play the songs you love, you know, the songs that are the reason why you know and support Guns n' roses... uh?

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