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Will they play more unheard tracks at RIR?


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I'm asking this, because I've read that when they played RIR before the Illusions came out, they've played a lot of previously unheard tracks back then. And since this also will be broadcasted with what I believe to be a good sound quality it will be a good commercial fore the new album.

Any thoughts on this?

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when CD finally comes out they wont play much of thei old songs bc they want to promote CD and play the new songs. So im in a way glad that i heard all the classics by guns when i saw them sunday. But when CD is like a month or 2 away then id expect to hear a lot of the new songs. And yes they probably will play more new songs ar rir.

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i doubt he wants any more somgs from CD to be heard until it is released

that's what i think. we've got enough. it would be anti-climatic for us and bad marketing for the band to give out any more new material before the album's release.

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Well, they should really let out a bunch of new songs, otherwise we'd have 2002 all over again, and then it would be really embarassing... REALLY embarassing.

On the other hand, these leaks weren't intended, so officially we've heard 3 new songs so far during these NY shows, Better, IRS, TWAT.

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