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will brian may join gnr


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Fuckin' hell, I have like the best seats in the house too. No way am I selling them. I'm going to this and it's gonna be the greatest thing ever!

I think it was a little bit of an exaggeration in saying tickets will be like 'goldust'. Still... 19 days!

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hammersmith apollo june 7th

is brian may supposed to be there?

Sorry, I might just have had one too many gin & tonics with breakfast, but what the hell has Brian May got to do with the Hammersmith gig? :huh:


LMAO Grimo, you are a class act buddy!

I think it is possible. May has a tendency for turning up to gigs like this, for example VR (though only backstage) and Motorhead. Plus there is the catcher in the Rye connection. If he isn't on stage, I'm sure he will be hooking up with axl at some point.

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It's very possible he'll show up. But Brian is a very considerative musician. (I'm am massive Queen fan, met him too.) He won't go on stage if he feels like he's encroaching on GnR. He deliberatley stayed in the background when playing with 'The Crickets' and 'The Yardbirds'. He said it wasnt his gig. But if Axl asks him to play....

You know what? I'm absolutely gutted that I haven't got a ticket. Bloody touts! :anger:

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fuck me look at the price of these tickets


id expect freddie mercury to turn up for that amount of money

well people will still buy them no doubt.

It would cool tho be pretty cool if Freddie actually rises from his grave because of the high price and play one last show must go on. :)

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