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Idea to promote the first video


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Well, the man said the album will be released this Fall so they will need a first single and a video. I see that Pearl Jam just released their "Life Wasted" video under Creative Commons and it's generating a lot of free publicity for them. If you've no idea what Creative Commons is, just concentrate on the license. You can legally download and distribute the Pearl Jam (Life Wasted) video, but you have some restrictions: You can't change the license (of course), don't use it for commercial purposes and don't change it (you can't make a version of the video for example). You can tell me "but everybody else already do that for free", yes you're right but doing that this way Pearl Jam put themselves on the edge.

My idea for GNR is: Release the first single only in iTunes Music Store and some weeks after drop the video under a Creative Commons license, basically the same as Pearl Jam's Life Wasted but let anyone modify the video and ask people to upload their versions in a new GNR website. A month after that, sell a CD with a "special track" containing the first video and the best modified ones. This way, they will sell the single through iTunes that is the hype atm, and for the people that are out of this trend they can participate in GNR buzz with a modified clip or buy the 'pack' in the stores. I'm sure they can sync this release with x-mas, considering that ChiDem will come out during Fall. The rumoured Hammerstein DVD could be released in the next year (as some filme crew guys pointed out, right?) before a second album.

Ok, dream mode off now. Nothing like this is going to happen, because there are no professionals behind them (a.k.a: management company). <_<


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