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Worth the Wait?


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Worth the Wait? I have heard this a million times regarding the leaks. I dont understand how you measure something like this. Say you get your first piece of ass at like 16 would you say "yeah pussy is great and all,but it wasnt worth waiting 16 years for". If you have been through like a shit load of bad relationships and at thirty you finally find love would you think to you self it wasnt worth waiting to have someone you love in your life? So i guess the question is do love Axl/GNR or not cause if you do it is worth the wait if not you are still searching for something you will not find in Axl. Good luck

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to be honest, NOTHING in the world would be worth the wait.

unless it was 100% originals, and the originals were:

1)Stairway to Heaven

2)Back in Black

3)Walk This Way

4)November Rain

5)Iron Man

6)Bohemian Rhapsody

7)Hot For Teacher

8)Baba O'Riley

9)The Long and Winding Road

10)Run to the Hills

11)Free Bird

12)Master of Puppets

13)Comfortably Numb

NOTHING would be worth it. now, considering that 6 out of 13 songs on the album sound good, Chinese Democracy may truly be a 'perfect album', but until it's in my hands and i have listened to it, it can't be worth the wait.

does that mean i wouldn't wait even if it took another 4 years? of course not, i'm in this 'til the end.

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Tell me, what else would you have done for this lenght of time? Its not like ye put yer lives on hold for 13 years to wait for an album. When you say wait, what do you mean? You dont wait for music, you wait in a que. For the love of god will ye ever give up this whole "iv been waiting for 13 years" "i deserve this album cause iv done nottin but complain for the last 13 years" theme that ye have going. Its not like ye didnt listen to any other band for that lenght of time...

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