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CD listed for Fall release on random site based on Axl's comment


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A little, funny mention, they have listed Chinese democracy and this is what it looks like:

Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy Fall 2006 [seriously]

Who listed it?

OOPPSSS sorry I got it... www.metacritic.com...

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I won't believe it until I'm holding the album in my hands standing in the checkout line.

I just don't think it's ever gonna happen. I hope I'm wrong....


it will happen i beleave the album will be out :D

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hahahah and if they quote Velvet Revolver [Title TBA] Summer 2006 then we're sure they're not to trust....

What I noticed is that they didnt include the Working Title. So that has to be settled as well to see what is up with that than. Because there are some names there that Bands have given out already, which I know the names to in some of those albums, but yet these guys have titled their Catalogs as TBA.

So I dont know about that.

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