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Rock In Rio Broadcast LIVE On AOL Music

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the GNR Rock In Rio performance will be broadcasted live this Saturday

May 27 at 8:15pm on AOL Music.

Get all the info here !

Is there any way to record or download it i do have aol. ???

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Is it there or is it here?


(Paradise City intro...so kick ass)

Back on topic...at this site it has GN'R hitting the stage at 11:45pm, not at 8:15pm. I'm a bit confused.

Which is it?

I'll be watching regardless.

EDIT: I wonder if this is merely a timezone difference?

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so could someone tell the non pc pros, if you have to sign up somwhere, or do they show that in the main window which pops up when you click the link or...... :question:

so 8.15 seems 9.15 in germany, so i guess he will hit around 10 which means 11.

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