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Best Songs?


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Isn't this is discussion forum...? Where should I go?


This is GN'R Discussion. The girl is wrong.

Anyways i'm not too sure what my favorite song is from GN'R to be honest. I like alot of GN'R songs... but recently i've been listening to Yesterdays alot.

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Am, lately its TWAT, i know i shouldnt be listening to it, but its just such a graet song im still digesting the layers of guitar to it, i love that kind ofriff that finck plays in the middle. Of the old schoold gnr, im stuck between estranged and coma, i dont listen to any of the other songs by gnr any more, took a break, will start now in the next week is say since im seeing them on the 9th of june... rock3

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oddly enough, my favorite GnR song is Dead Horse, followed by Mr. Brownstone.

and then estranged, civil war, sweet child, my michelle, nov rain, yesterdays, and most recently TWAT and the blues.

but of course, i will happily listen to any GnR song, except My World. rock3

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Here is *THE* list:

1. Estranged

2. Civil War

3. Patience

4. Sweet Child O' Mine

5. Breakdown

6. Locomotive

7. Rocket Queen

8. November Rain

9. Don't Cry

10. Yesterdays

Thats official :)


you might add welcomme to the jungle:)

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I havn't heard all of their songs, but I have 21 of them. My top 10:

1. Estranged

2. Welcome to the Jungle

3. Coma

4. Nightrain

5. Don't Cry

6. Mr. Brownstone

7. November Rain

8. Civil War

9. Bad Obsession

10. Sweet Child O' Mine

That was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

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