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Article from yahoo spain

Slash n' Burn

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ive done my best to translate this:

Guns n'Roses will try to reconquer their throne in Madrid Extended photo MADRID (AFP) - the American group Guns n'Roses initiates this Thursday in the Audience of the Park Juan Carlos I of Madrid an European tour that will try to make forget more than 10 years creative delays and changes in the formation to reconquer its lost title of kings of ' hard-rock'. Of the formation that moved to thousands of people between 1987 and 1993, selling almost 90 million discs, only it is left today the singer, the mythical Axl Rose, after the exit of its two last faithfuls, the guitarist ' Slash' and the bear ' Duff' McKagan, who went in the middle of years 90. The ' Guns' is a product of the shady face of Hollywood, the one of them without-ceiling and prostitution. His first songs reflected their way of extreme life, between violence, easy illegal and small substances. The energy of the band of Axl Rose, that left the Californian clubs in 1985, took to several discográficas to be interested in them, that they ended up signing with Geffen, producer of his ídolos and model to follow, Aerosmith. During six years from ' for Appetite destruction' (1987) filled stages, scandalized to well thinking America and they became rich. Oscillating between ' hard-rock' endiablado and grandiloquent ballads sometimes, both ' illusion' Uses your entered 1991 directly the first one and second position of the American classification, but, victim of internal tensions by the strong personality of its members and interminable tours, the group entered a hibernación process after a fifth album with sounds ' punk' in 1993. Since then, the admirers of the band have been waiting for the ghost disc ' Chinese Democracy', promised for almost 10 years. Now that Guns n'Roses has a new formation, this Thursday initiates their European tour of more than 30 dates than his fans hopes that they are not interrupted as it happened in 2002.

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