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Official Chat Room for RIR 5/27


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RIR will be pro-shot and broadcasted live over the internet via AOL's web site. You do not need AOL to view the live video feed.

While watching alone is great, watching it with a group will probably be better and more exciting. Therefore, we will establish a chat room (as we did with the NYC shows) on AIM.

Simply invite yourself to the chat room "gnr" (without the quotation marks). It can hold 36 people, so first come first serve. If it fills up, you can go to gnr2 (others will most likely join you, and that might even fill up, as it did with the first NYC show).

To invite yourself to the gnr chat room: Add yourself to your own buddy list. Highlight your name. Click on the "Chat" icon near the bottom of your buddy list. Where it says Chat Room:........, type gnr.

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