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Bumblefoot replied me!


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Hello!! Thank you for writing :)

I'm not supposed to answer any questions or do interviews (request of GnR management) so I can't say much... all I can say is, I love working with everyone in the band, it all came together very quickly (a week or two), I don't have any favorite song (love them all for different reasons...), and my favorite song of all time is probably a Beatles song - I Am the Walrus or Strawberry Fields - too many to choose from! :)

Thank you for your thoughtful message - best wishes to you :)


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From: Christopher

Date: May 25, 2006 11:18 AM

Hey. I must say that I've always wanted you to be the new Gnr guitarist since I heard the rumour 'bout a new guitarist. It's so cool that you joined them. I love a lot from Bumblefoot,

especially Real. I really hope that you will rerecord some solos on the new songs and create some new songs to the album.

I've some questions.

1. How is it to work with Axl and the others in the band?

2. How long time did you have to learn all the songs?

3. What is your favorite song from Guns N' Roses?

4. What is your favorite song by any band?

Sorry for my bad english. I hope that you'll stay in Guns N' Roses in a very long time.



It's so cool that he actually answer people and with so long answers. He replied just after one day! I must say that I've always liked that he was the new guitarist in Gnr, but now I LOVE that he's the new guitarist. He's so freakin' cool! :xmasssanta:


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I can't fucking wait for the autobiography of Axl Rose that covers this period in his life. What the hell is going on with this?

Why can't his guitarists be interviewed? Why the Berlin-wall approach to the fans? Why the Illuminati-esque protection of his big secret?

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Ask him if he is going to trade in his Hyandai when he gets back to the states with all of his $$$ that AXL pays him.

I saw him driving a Hyandai (sp?) Sonata or whatever after the May 17th concert behind the Hammerstein Ballroom. He was walking around screaming- "Where's my Hyandai?!!?!?"

I met him and had my picture taken he is cool.

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