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Did Axl have a rant?


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So, the crowd called Axl a son of a bitch?? Is that correct?

No! The correct meaning of what the crowd said was sons of a bitch ("hijos de puta"). I was in the first row and i heard it really well! ... So i don't know if the screams were for the band or for the staff ... because noone told anything ... At a moment someone came and said something but francly i have no clue what because of the screams!

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I was pretty close to the stage, people were very pissed off because of the delay and they shouted hijos de puta to the staff first and then to Axl for being late.

At the beginning of the concert Axl said something like it had been difficult to be in Madrid or something like that. Also he made a kinda joke when he said " I´m the boss tonight and my name is El Matador", funny.

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