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iPod ripper

Roadhouse Blues

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I tried iPodRip but it says to start the installation I need to download .net framework, which I did, but it still won't work. Something's screwy with it. Anyway, I tried a couple other programs but they all have limits on what you can do (example: only 100 songs, then you must purchase).

Any good programs out there that are totally free, will work and have no limits?

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are you looking for one that is actually free or a pay one which is cracked so you don't pay and is therefore illegal?

Well, I meant free software, but I admit if I found a cracked program I'd probably download it too. I won't lie, I do download cracked stuff occasionally. So...it doesn't really matter to me.

I finally got iPodRip to work and now it won't import my songs, it keeps popping up error messages after like 200 are imported.

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