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Coma2k's Signatures

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oh cool site thanks!

after im done can you/are you able to show me how to remove the ads?

i use admuncher to get rid of the ads :)

as do I, but other people will see the 'this profile waz made on teh Mispaz ect..'

p.s i couldnt be arsed to change the backround colour ect but did give my profile a re-make

thanks alex (now tell me how to get rid of the ads :anger::wub: )

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100th post :xmasssanta:

Thanks so much to all who commented, i really really appreciate it.

Thx! :)

@JDRM: I'm glad you like it. The .jpg compression seems to kill sharp edges.

Maybe this version is a bit better?


ANd here's the sig in original size, maybe you'll have a use for it.


@kingwillie: Here's your sig


thanks :xmasssanta:

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Are you mental??? :shocked:

I fucking love it!!! My sig and JDRS's PWn!!

God, thank you so much--I like the font as well. Wow. Thanks :wub:

:lol: I'm glad you like it!

That sig is like one you make one of a year. Very rare you end up with something that good. I'm not saying yoru bad or anything like that. But when I make sigs. there are always alot of sigs between something as remotly great as that. (jdrms sig)

True. I know what you mean Bromle. Love your new sig. rock3

nice sig's

thank you :)

#30 Mr. Buckethead


could i also get this one please?

No. Sorry.

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