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GNR at the Rizt 2/2/88 Trade?


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Hey Everyone,

I am looking for a copy of the GNR show from 2/2/88 at the Ritz. I used to have it on video but it's long gone and would like to replace it on DVD. I don't have hi-speed access so bit torrents are not an option. If anyone is interested in a straight old fashioned trade let me know. I have a small DVD collection, unfortunately no GNR though. Here is what I do have to offer though:


02-15-88 The Summit – Houston, TX (1) disc Pro-Shot Video/Audio A+

09-07-02 Tweeter Center At The Waterfront – Camden, NJ (1) disc Pro-Shot Video/Audio B+

04-03-04 Office Depot Center – Sunrise, FL (2) discs Pro-Shot Video/Audio B- **audio is muddy**

The Clash:

02-01-82 Sun Plaza Hall – Tokyo, Japan (1) disc Pro-Shot Video/Audio B/B+

Clash On TV Vol. 1 – TV appearances from UK/EU/US 77-83 (1) disc

Mike Ness Band:

05-04-99 El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA (1) disc

05-26-99 Palace Theatre – Greensburg, PA (1) disc

Social Distortion:

00-00-83 Fullerton, CA (1) disc

00-00-83 Practice Sessions (1) disc

11-15-96 The Palladium – Hollywood, CA (1) disc

03-30-97 Rockpalast – Dusseldorf, Germany (1) disc

11-14-01 Metropol – Philadelphia, PA (1) disc

11-16-01 Theatre of the Performing Arts – Philadelphia, PA (1) disc

Bruce Springsteen:

8/15/78 Live On The Darkness On The Edge Of Town: Capitol Center – Landover, MD. A great new version of the well-known footage presented by the Watchdog label. (2) disc set A- BruceDVDs Review

9/19/78 Piece De Resistance: Capitol Theater – Passaic, NJ. The complete version of this historic performance sourced from the in-house video feed in beautiful B&W. Audio is sourced from FM Broadcast/CC Passaic Night Release. Issues: there are some video snags resulting in some audio/video sync issues and there is the slightly annoying time-code display on the bottom of the screen. Complete show. B&W, multi-camera Fully authored picture menus with chapters. Pro-shot/FM Broadcast. (2) disc set (98:06 min, 80:24 min) A BruceDVDs Review

11/24/80 Landover XP: Capitol Center - Landover, Maryland. 4 Disc XP Remaster version for best video quality.

From BruceDVDs:

One of only two known complete River tour shows in circulation, this is one of the essential DVDs. Pro-shot footage taken directly from the feed for the video screens. This DVD is from a 1st generation tape tranferred in XP mode for extra fidelity. There is some video interference but it is fairly minor. The audio for this DVD is from microphones that were located in the audience and suffers slightly from this fact. The audio is lacking the dynamic range of most pro-shot DVDs and there is a 60Hz hum that is especially discernable during the softer segments of songs.. (4) disc Set A-/A

7/26/84 Whole Lotta Rosie: CNE Grandstand – Toronto, Canada. (1) disc A++ BruceDVDs Review

2/21/95 Behind The Blood Brothers: Tramps – New York, NY. An interesting behind the scenes look at the “Murder Incorporated” video shoot at Tramps nightclub. (2) disc set B+ BruceDVDs Review

10/26/96 Once Upon A Time In The West: Event Center – San Jose, CA. (2) disc set B+/A- BruceDVDs Review

8/29/03 MTV Music Video Awards & SNL Rehearsals: Rose Center - New York, NY. SNL Studios – New York, NY. (1) disc A+ BruceDVDs Review

6/15/05 Solo In Frankfurt: Festhalle – Frankfurt, Germany. Incomplete show featuring 9 CUT performances. Audience shot & audience recorded audio. No Menu but chapters. (1) disc B- BruceDVDs Review

6/25/05 Solo In Hamburg: Color Line Arena – Hamburg, Germany. Incomplete show featuring 12 full performances. Super Clear video. Audience shot on DV with audience shot audio. Fully authored picture menu with chapters. 56 Min. (1) disc A BruceDVDs Review

9/13/2003 "3": Fedex Field - Washington, DC. The Best Produced DVD of the tour and a MUST have DVD. This is a 4-cam mix with excellent picture quality and above average audio. Its hard to describe this DVD and give it justice, get the DVD and see for yourself how great it is. (2) disc set A

10/9/05 The Devil Rolls Into Nassau: Nassau Coliseum – Nassau, NY. Complete show. Color – 2 Camera mix, audience shot video/audio. From Stand-Alone, No Menus or chapters. (3) disc set A- BruceDVDs Review

10/15/05 Madison, That’s Where The Fun Is: Alliant Energy Center – Madison, WI. One of the best DVD packages from the D&D Tour – great performances, great songs, great production. (2) disc set A- BruceDVDs Review

10/30/05 A Cautious Man In Boston – TD Banknorth Garden – Boston, MA. Rated a 4 star show by traders. Complete show. Single Camera audience shot video & audio. Issues: Disc 2 – A few seconds after each chapter mark the audio with drop for a millisecond, very weird, but no video disruption. Complete show. Color – Single Camera, Audience. Beautiful Fully Authored Menus with chapters. (2) disc set B+ BruceDVDs Review

11/16/05 Continental Airline Arena – East Rutherford, NJ. (2) disc set B- BruceDVDs Review

11/19/05 Hollywood ’05: Hard Rock Casino Hotel – Hollywood, FL. (2) disc set B- BruceDVDs Review

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