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set list


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will update as show goes on hope its not here already and i hope i got it right


Its so easy

Mr. Brownestone


Finck solo


KOHD(mellow version)

short dizzy keyboard solo


a sort of jamming session/dizzy piano solo

the blues

rocket queen

Fortus solo

Fortus and Finck Beautiful cover(solo) :(

Out ta get me

short Axl piano solo which he jokingly named "fucking off in G"

november rain

Bumble foot solo


Brain drum solo



Finck solo



Paradise city

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Sorry,but didnt Axl sing something between the Blues and Rocking Queen or something like that? :drevil:

i didn't include it because it was like 10 seconds :(

i'll add it if you want

Well i am seeing the show on t.v and they are not showing CD songs :anger: ,it is only to keep me update,tk.

But did he realy sing something or what? :drevil:

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gotta admit it, some of you are just happy to see them but tbh why can't they spice up the set list a little? Some songs on there are just not really worthy, they could put in a whole load of their best tracks if axl is insistent on keeping CD off of it bar the few leaked songs, btw what happened to t.w.a.t?

Performance wise, no complaints it was a solid show if you look past the technical problems with the feed.

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** The SetList **




Axl's "downloading mothefuckers" mention


Robin Solo

Sweet Child O' Mine


Dizzy Solo

Live and Let Die

Band Jam/Dizzy Solo

The Blues

Rocket Queen

Richard & Robin Solo

Out Ta Get Me

Axl Piano Solo (fucking off in G)

November Rain

Ron Thal Solo


Brain Solo

You Could Be Mine


Robin Solo


Paradise City

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my track on setlist

welcome to the jungle

it's so easy



finck solo

sweet chille o mine

knockin on heaven's door

piano solo(dizzy?)

live and let die

band jam

dizzy reed(ziggy)

the blues

i feel good

rocket queen

guitar solo(fortus)

your beautiful

out ta get me

piano solo (axl) (fucking off in g)

november rain

bumble solo

(bumble and crowd)don't cry


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