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One of a Kind

Vincent Vega

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I'm feeling pretty sentimental right now,

I'm listening to the song A Kind of Magic by Queen...and it saddens me, Freddie Mercury was one of a kind. He was truly a musician, performer, and person whose talent can never really be matched. The music he made has this untouchable magic and it was tragedy for him die so young....

and listening to A Kind of Magic, it's also so sad to see that within a few short years of making that song, he would be taken from us forever, at the top of his game. This was a guy who had a fire and talent that even in death can never really be experienced, and I know, being raised on Freddie and Queen, how awesome and great their music is, and I hope that future generations appreciate the talent he had and let the legend that Freddie was live on in our hearts.

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Yeah Freddie's talent was unique,in my opinion the best frontman ever! rock3

I miss him so much.. :(

Last night i had the oportunity to see God Save the Queen,the best Queen tribute band in the world(even Bryan May says that they are amazing),the band is from Argentina the made a few shows here in Venezuela this weekend,i have to say that i'm still in shock i feel like i went to Queen concert really,the lead singer looks like Freddie so much he wore the same autfits as him,he played the piano,the guitar,it was awesome.. rock1 The whole band did and incredible performance. The sound was perfect..rock3

They played all the hits from Queen,even Bohemian Rapsody,Under Preasure and The Show must go on..

I almost cried at the end with We're the Champions it was an overwhelming moment..

This is the website of the band

http://www.dsr.com.ar/ Dios Salve a La Reina in spanish.

Queen is the kind of band that their music will never die,their magic will be in this world forever..

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Freddie Mercury was a genius, he was one of a kind and this was reflected throughout his music. He was inspirational and was a figure in rock and roll history. His songs give me goosebumps, his vocals are incredible and his stage presence was almost god-like, he would go up on stage and enjoy the sound of his fans... I loved this man's music, and I will always listen to his lyrics as well as read them, he was so inspirational.

He was unique. rock3


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