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So I'm totally new to this forum, but please don't assume that I don't know and love my guns because I have for YEARS and I have to say that I am honestly more loyal to the new side of the things with what Axl is producing now, I think the demos are great and my favorite track would have to be Better. This song is great but I really have to say that it is very much a Buckethead song as much as an Axl tune, hearing the Rock In Rio performance really confirmed this for me, Bumblefoot is great and unique in his own way just as Buckethead was and hearing the rock in rio / hammersmith stuff I got to say it sounds kind of weird to hear Bumblefoot trying to rip off Buckethead trying to rip off Slash. The demos obiously don't have Bumblefoot on them, they sound great. I feel the chemistry is there more with Bumblefoot, I mean Bumblefoot is a person, he has eyes, Buckethead is a surgeon with no soul, It's like having the executionor on stage, but I got to say, that Buckethead, you could tell how much he loved those Guns tunes on stage and how excited he was about the new stuff. I feel like Bumblefoot is just playing the slash stuff becasue he has too, it's his job afterall, but Buckethead played those slash licks n riffs so well out of respect for Slash and because of his talent he was able to leave his own influence on the material. Axl I love you, I love the direction that your going in, but I think that putting up with Buckethead's crap would of been worth it at least until the album was seen through, His solo's on the demos sound so good!

Thanks to all the guns fans!


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