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some VIDEOS fron PC|Cellphone


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Ech...i made some vids. yesterday for myself, but on i-net there's a lack of it so here ya go...sorry for quality but that's cellphone and my monitor (19" CRT...) But better this than nothing for those who couldn't see them live...

November Rain (cut at beginning thnx to my mother...who wasn't sleeping...) - http://acn.waw.pl/axl2000/NR.3gp

YCBM (cut at beginning thnx to my mother AGAIN...stupid woman...) - http://acn.waw.pl/axl2000/YCBM.3gp

Nightrain (full :) thnx to mother who was sleeping already...and didn't want anything from me) - http://acn.waw.pl/axl2000/Nightrain.3gp

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