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Did Robin play on Duff's solo tour??


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I was on ebay and found a Guitar pic and on the front it had Duff's "Beleive in me" logo and on the other side it had Robins autograph.

The seller said this....

Robin started his career with the Impotent Seasnakes. He then went on to play with Nine Inch Nails and then Guns & Roses. Duff liked him and invited him to play on his solo tour.

I never knew that!!

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I guess it's true. I found this in an interview with Duff from the HTGTH website.

HF : How did you react when Axl hired the bassist Tommy Stinson [ex-Replacements] and the guitarist Robin Finck [ex-Nine Inch Nails]?

D : I played with Robin a few times and he’s a great guy. But if I were Axl, in no way would I call that band Guns N’ Roses. The kids know GNR. No need to explain you, just listen to the albums we recorded. You can’t argue with that. For me, too much discussion would make the music lose its value. The kids have an idea of what that band is. My reaction? I thought : « This is not cool, it’s not the right thing to do, but it’s none of my business. If he thinks it’s right.... »

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