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Customizing/Fixing my guitar.

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I went to get my guitar checked and restringed yesterday. Turns out that my middle pickup is dead. Doesn't play at all. The guy tells me to go to samash and see if they can replace it. I doubt they will since they're assholes and plus, the warranty passed. So what new pickups should I buy? If imma change the middle one, might as well change them all. It's a Squier Bullet, btw. Same thing as a strat, just without the tremolo. I'm checking on ebay for pickups (new ones of course). I've seen some very cheap ones, but not sure what brand to buy. Also, is it worth it? Or should I just save money and buy a new guitar?

One last question. Any suggestions and stuff that'll make my guitar a desireable one?

Dammit, I also got fret buzz on the 1st fret on the 5th and 4th strings. Do I adjust the string height?

Thanks guys :)

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If i were you i'd save up and buy a better guitar. if you were to splash out on buying new pickups for your squier it wouldnt exactly have THAT much difference on the guitar, obviously you would get a recognisable difference in the sound quality, but still its the equvilant of 'doin-up' a cheap car, ie- in the UK its like doing up a vauxhall nova! lol. so basically... not really worth it. I'd save up til you find a guitar you prefer the looks of, sound of, and has a bit more value behind it.

Thats my advice anyways, its of course all up to you. But just take into consoderation, would you spend lots of money doing up a small cramped house or save up a bit longer and buy a plush mansion!? (slight exaggeration on the comparison, but still i hope it puts it into perspective?)

I'm sure people will disagree with me, but hey its my point of view.

good luck! hope it helps a little :)

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Replacing the pickups would be fine as well.

A squier with a new set of pickups will sound as good as a 300-400 dollar guitar if you get good ones.

Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan are two very good pickups manufacturers. If you're confused what type to buy, both sites have pages where you enter the details of your playing style/guitar type and they suggest the pickups.

If youre unsure about installing them you can get a guitar store to do it for you for a fee, they could also check out the fret buzz problem and give the guitar a decent set up while they're at it

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1. learn how to change your own strings

2. get a new guitar squires SUCK!

i have an epiphone les paul custom with all new frets and all new pots for sale

email: bbruinsfan27@yahoo.com

Dammit, I also got fret buzz on the 1st fret on the 5th and 4th strings. Do I adjust the string height?

could be 3 things

1. wrong guage strings- simply put too thick of strings

2. Adjust the truss rod

3. Your neck is twisted and you need a new guitar, twisted necks are horrible

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