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Howd you watch the show?


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Were you there? Did you watch it on your PC? Was it just you? etc etc??

I hooked my laptop up to a converter so that I could watch it on my big screen - I then hooked up my laptop to my stereo and blasted that bitch with surround sound no my thousand dollar entertainment system!! And of course it wouldnt be complete without inviting about 10 people over!

We all had a barbque and cooked up soem food for the show. Thne once it started with enjoyed the shit with some burgers and cold one!!!

Fuckin awesome time!!! rock3

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Guest roses_are_red

Watched it in computer. I was ill, but i pulled my couch next to the computer, drank some tea, eat some chocolate and just listened (and sang along :P). After the show i fell asleep on the couch :)

Luckily, it was a day my mother wasnt home so i could stay up as long as i could and hear the music as loud as i wanted. Yh great expierience. I think i was about to cry, when i heard the WTTJ beginning!

Today i watched 2 show replays on aol.de

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it was pretty late at my place when show started....as I remember it was 1:20 am and I couldnt invite anyone to my place,and also couldnt turn music loud...so I was alone,my brother came when they stormed the place with wttj and then went back to his room

I was sitting in front of my pc till 4am and finally went to bed and woke up at 10am.....

my back hurted so badly,I couldn't move coz if my parents had heard me I would have been dead by now,ad my computer is in hall so every noise can be easily heard....

but I enjoyed the show as much as possible...

it could have been better if it was afternoon....but nevermind

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