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The problems as I see them with the new band....


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And I want your views on them to....

First of all... The guitars... 3 guitars works fine, but the thing that I think is a little sad, even though the 3 guys do a fantastic job, is that there are no rock n' roll guitarplayers, and I kinda miss that boogie based guitarriff, especially during the old songs.

And I don't understand why they need Chris Pittmn, cause when the sound is as it should be you can't hear him.

On the Rio show yesterday you did, ang he played a bunch of crap.

Understand it on the studiorecording, but Dizzy could do that.

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' date='May 28 2006, 06:23 PM' post='1314672']

"If you don't like Chris Pitman, you don't like Guns N' Roses !!!!" (with that voice of an NBA commentator)



i dont like robin either, does that mean i hate gnr, i just dont think they add anything to the band imo

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As a keyboard/synth player I can tell you that with songs like "Madagascar", "IRS", "Better", and "Chinese Democracy" you need a lot of layering and synth can be as important as bass at times. Sound effects are strongly required in "Better" and "Madagascar", and with Dizzy already providing keyboards and synth, there has to be someone to do the effects.

That being said, I doubt Pittman does much in the studio, Dizzy takes care of keyboards and effects there. I think Pittman is a live fixture mostly.

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