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no new songs at rock n rio


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but not even the ones he already played at hammerstien...

IRS was played...The Blues as well..........

Listen people...if he plays all new songs in this tour, then there is no surprise left for us when Ch-Democracy gets released!.....we waited 10 freaking years for this record..... I don't wanna hear some crappy quality bootleg of the new songs..

I much rather not se Axl perform a new song tell the Record is released!....then start supporting it there after! am sure he will play more of it!

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Sure it would be cool to hear a that a new song showed up during one of the shows. But honestly we just got new material what 3 months ago, so I really don't see any need to complain or be disapointed. I think that these last few shows and upcoming ones are just to get their name back in the public again, get people used to the new lineup. They need to be warmed up and make sure they are clicking as a group before launching into CD. I could see it already if they were to play new songs and then CD dropped in the stores with half the songs we already know. More complaining would be had, this is just the start of something great in my opinion and if not..........well.

rock3rock3rock3 Guns N Fucking Roses rock3rock3rock3

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