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Full-Sized Pics From RIR


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Wow... those pics are awesome! Although I don't remember that jacked and shirt from Rio...

Banana Republic and Abercrombie must really be making alot of money out of Axl right about now.


He still manages to look like a Pop-Country Musician.

Still good shots from the Photographer, although they are the same like every RIR Gig. Get the frontman and get the backround to make a cool shot, dont you think? I am more curious as to what type of Camera the Photographer used.

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Great Pictures... but nothing compared to being there, of course. Man. what a concert. The band is fan-tas-tic and Axl Roses' voice is even better than it's ever been.

We were scares shitless, though, by the reports they weren't gonna be there. But they're back in business. God, the world's a wonderful place!!!

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