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Sweet Child Solo

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What I'm searching for here is suggestions! Everyone knows it can be hard to spot your own mistakes so, please guys? What am I doing wrong? Also tell me what I've done good about this solo?

I did the first part of the solo quite like the real one, but I thought the wah part would be good for improvisation so I tried that.


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1st Half: It sounds pretty much like the original, but the timing is out.

2nd half: Needs slight improvement, sounds out of the scale. Timing is decent at times but then goes out.

Overall its pretty good because I know studio sounding is harder to do than live. But general improvements over the board won't go amiss.

Can I just ask - what program did you use to do that on PC? (setup, etc). I do mine on the Mac but I'm just wondering.

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Thank you very much! I thought I was pretty much in scale most of the time? Am I right? I tend to get very sloppy when improvising so improvising over the wah part worked better.

The drums/rhythm guitar & bass are all backing track I downloaded somewhere so not much interesting in that. What I did was basically I put my small cheap microphone in front of my amp and recorded quite loud through the windows sound recorder thing. Then I saved it and imported it in "Adobe Audition 1.5" which is a great program for mixing and sound edition and other stuff. I added a bit of reverb and added my solo piece to the back track. And that was pretty much it.

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you're tone is fantastic, but you need to practice with a metronome and learn the real solo over at freelicks.net.

they have a good video lesson.

Thank you very much. This said, I can actually play the real solo, almost note by note. I just thought you guys would find it extremely boring if I tried to do a regular Slash copy of the solo. I wanted to add a bit of my own style. But thank you very much.

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