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what's with everyone on me about my SIG???

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Too big, which is A.) annoying to have to scroll through somebody's SIG to get to more posts, B.) makes it take longer for the thread to load, and C.) just plain bad forum etiquette to have a sig longer than most of your posts. And if you had a post longer than that sig, nobody would read it anyway.

Thank you, drive through. :)

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what's wrong with having a large "thing" it's better than a small " :P thing"

rock1 rock2 rock3


We have limited the size of signature pics so that they don't distract from the posts in the thread and so that pages will continue to load fast for people on dialup. If everybody had huge pics in their sigs, it would be hard to read the posts and the pics would greatly slow the forum down for people on dialup who would have to wait a long time for the pages to load.

Here's a link to the sig guidelines:


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