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Monsters of Rock 91', Moscow

New Rose

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Anyone seen this gig?

I've been fucking wondering for a year now what bloody song is the first song they play. I cant even make anything out of the lyrics, except the chorus which MAY BE something like "dont you worry baby" or something.

So any help is appreciated!

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It's called Stare It Cold, off Shake Your Moneymaker:

Under the weather

I never got better

Wrapped up in my disease

Mile away, she want to count my day

Look a little older in the light

Under the weather

Feelin’ very heavy

Never up for no air

Sea legs start to wigglin’

And sick I’m still feelin’

Just know I never cared

Don’t you want to feel it

Don’t you want to stare it cold

Don’t you want to feel it

Don’t you want to stare it cold

Never thought about it

And never no questions

Seein’ where I’ve gone wrong

No kiss made it magic

’cause that old girl has had it

Then it’s time for me to run along

(repeat chorus 4 times)

(repeat verse 1)

(repeat chorus 4 times)

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