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Idroscalo, Milano ITALY

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the night of May 30, he has been in a place frequented by VIP, the hollywood in Milan, and it seems that has entered this place with around 15 models to succession..........


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Cool, I'm looking forward to read this review as I used to live there!

Who is opening the concert? rock3

Well it's a festival and the bands before theme are going to be: Korn,Deftones,Alice in chains among the others....

Hope to write a good review as soon as I can...

the night of May 30, he has been in a place frequented by VIP, the hollywood in Milan, and it seems that has entered this place with around 15 models to succession..........


Fuck!!!!!Some friends of mine that are studing in Milan,usually go to this club...It's a very famous club in my country.....because of his vips presence overall

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So let's discuss here the main facts of this concert.

Me and 4 other gunners will be in the front line...

I'll post my review as soon as I can..

Rock on rock4rock3

..oh have fun..one more day to go...

..it will fuckin' rock...

..can't wait to hear your fuckin' review...

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' date='Jun 3 2006, 04:56 PM' post='1325466']

I am NOT going (was planing but had to cancel), but i MIGHT GET someone for a live-updates (some of my friends are going) via SMS. I'm not prommising anything, but I WILL DO MY BEST.


PERFECT...i will be here


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I went to this concert, in fact flew over from New Zealand to for the festival! Big def Leppard and Whitesnake fan as well, not to mention motorhead, korn, deftones and alice in chains who aren't at all bad themselves.

Anyway GNR i've waited my whole life to see these guys and it was worth the wait. The enw guitarists, were outstanding, put a on a good show and all three of them have completely different styles. In my opinion a way better look for the band than buckethead, i just thought his whole get-up (playing ability aside) looked stupid. Anyway they were gold, adn Axl voice at this performence was easily aS GOOD AS ITS EVER BEEN. hE NAILED ALL THE NOTES, ALL THE SONGS ADN KEPT THE CROWD ENTERTAINED. Bloody caps lock. from memory they played the following songs,

Welcome to the jungle (first)

mr brownstone


out to get me

it's so easy

sweet child of mine

my michelle (with sebastian bach from the old Skid Row that wa sa highlight)

rocket queen (one of my favourites)

november rain

don't cry (guitar only)

live and let die

you could be mine


4 or 5 new tracks

paradise city (encore performance)

Wa a hugeset, lasted about 2.5 hours!! Dizzy Reed back on keyboards was also another bnig highlight, Axl announced that he was back and this was only his second appearance. But what was real awesome was when he announced a friend, a 'partner in crime' was gonna help him sing the next song, and Sebastian Bach came out was awesome. I love the old Skid Row (beofre sebastian bach left) so as if i wasn't excited enough already then that was just takin it to the next level.

Me and two of my mates were at the very front of the second section (i think the first section must have either been a 'gold area'where you paid extra, or else it was first 1000 in got into the front zone. But we were still only 15-20 from the front so had awesome view, acoustics were awesome lights etc. I've spent most of my time at concerts up front. Was dead front cente for velvet revolver, dead front centre for Motely crue and heaps of local bands in NZ and you can't hear the words as well. However its awesome being up close, high fived Duff at Matt Sorum at velvet revolver then Matt gave me one of his drumsticks (i kid you not). I year later was at motely crue and caught one of Tommy Lee's drumsticks, so am on a good run!!! Axl biffed his mike into the crowd adn that reached as far as us but was about 20 m to the left, that would've been good!!

Anyway all up GNR were farkin amazing. Also add the Def LEpp sounded as good as ever, and of course Davide Coverdale was sounding as brilliant as ever for Whitesnake. Have a million phots amy try adn post some if i get round to it.

We went to Holywood after the 3rd night of the festival (def lepp and whitesnake) but line was a bit large and had 50 euro cover charge. which is NZ$100 so we bailed on that - couple of my chick mates scammed there way in and said it was pretty cool but noone of note in there apart from some rich greesy italians, classic.

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