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Guns N' Roses @ Hallam FM Arena


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Chances are I am going to be up at 8am tomorrow and on the phone at 9am ordering myself two tickets but before I do I would like to know a few things. It says all tickets are roughly £40 and that they're adult tickets. What do they class adult as? 16 or 18? Because myself, I am 16 and I am probably going with a mate of the same age.

QUICK EDIT: I called the Arena, but I ain't gonna trust the woman fully because she sounded a bit dippy, she said it was 14...

As well as that, how many of you guys are going to the Hallam FM Arena in Sheffield to see GN'R playing live? I know that I am gonna try my damn best to, and I know it'll be a damn awesome show! :D

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Wanna see something funny? My seats. Fucking shitty Arena, the phones just got blocked in seconds. ¬_¬

See those red dots? Yeaaaaah...


Heh. Still the first and last chance I probably have to see GN'R so I took it anyway. Can't not pass the chance up. I'll be looking down on the band and... all you guys having fun in the standing area. XD

EDIT: Scratch that. Just got off the phone. Two front standing!! >:D

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I live in sheffield 4 years now.Every year when rumors of GNR going in tour are going around I always pray to get to see them at the arena(HallamFm).

Now that they are comming to play here I will be abroad for a placement!

Well...thats life!I hope all the gunners that are going to this gig to have a great time(thats for sure!!)and all i ask are some photos!!

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