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Im in block 100 in the 4th row .

Cant wait im taking my 15 year old son and ive promised not to embarass him :P by telling axl that i luv him

Woo hoo, I'm in block 100 too! Lower tier but no idea of the row!

I've promised wor lass I'll not scream like a little schoolgirl when they come on!

Better warn everyone who is planning to go to Trillians afterwards that it shuts at 11.pm. The arena is going to do a rock club in the foyer until midnight though.

Oh and another warning, Seb Bach is on stage early (18:40)!

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Soooo close. I swear no work is gonna get donein the office tomorrow!

I'm stuck here till half 3, then back home, change of clothes into town forra chicken burger then either pint or straight to the arena depending on how I'm doing for time.

My big dilemma is do i check out the reviews for tonight (Sheffield), or save myself to tomorra night!

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