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marshall amps

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Well i have a marshall 10cdr practice amp and it's great so i'd go for the 15cdr but if you want effects as well then i'd go for the other marshall.

I would overall recomend buying the 15cdr and buying your own effects :)

And guitar amp keyboard.com is a great site everything is very cheap and great no dodgy crap either gettin my epiphone black beauty from there £375 !!!!!!

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If you're gigging, cheaper Marshalls are a no-no. Practicing is alright, but they're very limited.

im not

i just want something loud with the name 'marshall' on it :wub:

You're so materialistic :huh:

yes..? :blink:

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get this...now you'd feel an look the shit with one of these badboys!


£149.99 :unsure:

i think that a bit out of my price range

looks awesome tho :heart:

It sucks though.

Trust me, in the lower price ranges, marshall amps suck. They dont have any of the characteristic marshall sound and simply sound awful.

In that range, I'd go for a peavey or line 6

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