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Touring = New Songs


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Most bands, especially Rock bands, write songs whilst on the road touring. Usually when a tour finnishes the band head back to the studio to work on their idea's.

I wonder how many new songs GNR have penned whilst on the road so far?

Judging from history it seems like GnR has never worked that way. During the nearly 2 year Use Your Illusion world tour they recorded zero new songs. (Of course it didn't help Izzy Stradlin was gone) The only thing they layed down in the studio was a bunch of cover tunes for "The Spaghetti Incident?"

I've heard Axl likes to travel seperate from the rest of the band. I'm not sure how they work now. Usually Axl likes for the rest of the band to come up with melodies & hooks. He then adds lyrics to music he likes.

I'm guessing Tommy, Robin & Bumblefoot are constantly working on new stuff. Hopefully the band are now travelling together.

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