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(Old) Sebastian Bach Unearthing Early Live Skid Row Footage

Ride The Lightning

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Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach has posted the following message on his official web site:

"I am in the process of converting my whole analog audio and video collection into digital. I have literally hundreds, if not thousands, master copies of concerts, studio sessions, interviews etc. both on audio and video. When we were touring with SKID ROW from 1988-1995 I tried to make sure the soundman at the board record the show every night, and I have board mixes and pro-shot video of hundreds of SKID ROW shows on cassette, DAT, and video. Most of these are the only copies of these concerts that exist in the whole world. If I don't transfer all this stuff to digital format now, it could degrade in quality over time, so that is exactly what I am doing. I will give you all a taste of these never-before-heard tapes and videos as I tranfer them into digital format! These will be posted on the MySpace page. First up: Check out 'Rattlesnake Shake' live in Houston, Texas January 29, 1989. Straight off the front of house mixing board. This was the third arena show I ever did in my life and the first one I did without my eyes closed!"

April 29, 2006


Sorry that this is kinda old, but I just came across it the other day. Sounds pretty good! I'd love to hear some live STTG era Skid Row. It'd also be great to get some video too.

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Skid Row are Fuckin A even now man, but live recordings from Bach days would be awesome. Would be cool if Skid Row could release something along the lines of GNR Live era, but with the bands favourite performances. Get the fuck out - london 92 would be a safe bet to be on it lol. :drevil:

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ive never really heard much of there material' have to look into it

but what i have heard i know bach is a kick ass live singer-very underated

& from what ive seen of the guy on mtv he seems a very nice & down to earth bloke :)

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