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Brian May says: "Axl is Magic!" - comments on the Hammersmith show


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DATE: Thursday, 8th June and Friday, 9th June 2006

TITLE: Axl is Magic!


Brian May made the following two postings on the Soapbox section of his personal website.


Yes, it was on the cards for me to play with Axl and his boys last night - but I was unable to get to their sound-check, and, without that kind of preparation, I felt that going on 'blind' might have been a risk. Now I totally don't mind taking risks, but not if it's a risk of messing up someone else's show !! The up-side was that because I was not going on, I could sit out front, and totally relax and enjoy the show, without having to think about my own stuff. (Also it did occur to me later on that probably 3 guitarists is more than enough ! ha ha! Great band, though. )

I thought Axl was stunning .... riveting .... I have seldom seen Hammersmith Odeon in such a state of electric hyper- energy. Just before the band went on, I thought I could actually see sparks in the air !! There have been very few performers in the world, ever, who could elicit that kind of response. And just hearing that voice, drinking it in, letting it drench the soul, was pure therapy - enough to keep the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end the whole night. Axl, as ever, is magic.




Commenting on news report 'GUNS N ROSES: ALL SLEEP IN HAMMERSMITH':

No ! Get it RIGHT, whoever you are !

Axl said It's good to be back at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon" - showing that he knew his local history - the venue will always be Hammersmith Odeon to those of us who have grown up in it most of our lives - not "Labatt's Apollo, or whatever is the advertising name of the moment ... Then he said "No Sleep til Hammersmith" - a well-known quote in the business, of course - and then .... "and hopefully no sleep for the rest of the night".

And my car isn't a Limo - it's a Lexus !!

He's right about one thing, though ... "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" was truly outstanding - there were some notes in there that made Roger and I look at each other like .... "f..... did you HEAR that ?!!" )

This song also had Axl's voice nice and high in the mix, which made it very enjoyable .... Of course Axl could just about do it without a microphone ... but - Hell - that throat is what we all went to hear !

Rock !


SOURCE: Brian's Soapbox


TheRockRadio Article: "All Sleep In Hammersmith"

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