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Dashboard Confessional


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I dont care if you guys bash me for this but the new dashboard album comes out tomorrow. I like them, and im wondering if anyone else here does? I know no one probably will, but it's worth a try!

To anyone that would think about buying it.. supposedly best buy gives you 3$ off if you show a student ID, so that might help you!

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Yeah I don't care what anyone else thinks.. I like it!

I dunno if I'm gonna buy it, or acquire it through other means, but I mean its only 6.99 at best buy for me.. so what not support an artist for that cheap?

If I get it I will post a review for all the haters to read.

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Allright got the cd..

If you are a fan, or like this type of music.. get the cd! Especially at Bestbuy as it costs like 6.99 there. I was lucky cause I didn't have my student ID but the girl at the register gave me the discount cause she said i was cute hah! The album is something I really enjoy listening too and I'd recommend it.

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Hands Down was awesome, but nothing else of A Mark, A Mission etc really caught my ear.

Hands down is really good. You should download "vindicated" if you want to try anymore of them out; it's a well liked dashboard song.

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