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Saw Axl on TV

Chris Axl

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REALLY?!?! :blink:

I've got two words for that........ ROCK STAR!


fucking agreed dude!


And before we get all the people coming here with the "Elvis" quotes, the guy died on the toilet with a hamburger in his hand.... that is not Rock n Roll, Elvis may be a legend, but he's dead now and Axl Rose has inherited the title, just like Charles the first is no longer king of Britain, Elvis Presley the first is no longer the king of rock n roll. Long live King Rose

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Just saw Mr. Axl Rose on tv!

And he looked great.

He walked out of jail followed by a hot woman and some security guards.

And in his hand: A cigar and some drinks smile.gif rock3.gif


Sorry, but the clips with Axl is from yesterdays partynight.. and morning. Not from this afternoon.

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Is that blonde girl the same blonde girl who's in the same picture as Axl when he was arrested? This one:


no, don't think so. And the small pic ain't from when he got arrested, it's from when he arrived to Café Opera. The large one is from when they left Café Opera for an afterparty at Hotel Berns.

So far no pictures from the actual arresting has surfaced.

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That pic is not of him leaving Jail from what I gather.

Thats what i thought, itsn't that from last night/this morning kinda thing.

I believe he was leaving the after party. Not sure though.

they showd two different clips, one from the afterparty and one from elaving jail.....im pretty sure

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